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John Crane

John Crane, assistant of Rife went one step ahead, perhaps too far. He assumed that the audio frequency produced all the biological and medical results. He thought the presence of the CW carrier was not necessary. He produced an audio frequency generator the "Model CFR-1000" (out of his Crane Foundation for Rife Technologies) which was a solid stage programmable amplifier of the type Rife used to modulate his CW generator. Crane recorded in video exploding bacteria by his audio frequencies. At one stage the Crane generators were identified as the Rife generators and became very popular. They were modified audio generators which one could buy ready made from Radio Shack (adding an amplification stage to it). Author's close examination of the Crane device, assumed to be a Rife generator, revealed that this device was a modern electroporator capable bursting microorganisms in vitro, i.e., at very small distances of the order of a fraction of a mm (millimeter) on a piece of glass under the microscope. The Crane output less than 60 volts (maximum voltage that can be afforded when brought in contact to the human body) may only burst microorganism at distances no bigger than a fraction of mm. The Crane device may be theorized that does not perform in vivo, i.e. on a human body or animal. The arrangement of Crane (shown by Crane to the author) was identical to an electroporator arrangement given in page 12, "Guide to Electroporation and Electrofusion" Academic Press, 1992. Crane, the man who spent three years imprisonment for his activities, should be considered as the first man to perform in vitro Electroporation at a time that science ignored one of the most promising coming branches of biology and medicine. The story of Crane is a drama of an old Greek tragedy played by modern science.