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Gianni A. Dotto

Gianni A. Dotto was born in Venice, son of a prominent engineer who was the designer of two hydro-electric generating plants on both the American and Canadian sides of Niagara falls. His father was an Italian Marquis from a family directly descended from Galileo. Dotto had been trained as paratrooper, American fighter pilot and had become the head of the racing team of Alfa-Romeo, designer of racing cars and Professor at the University of Milan. He had two PhD's, one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Nuclear Physics from University of Milan, a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Wayne University of Detroit and became a prolific inventor having numerous Italian and American patents. The Dotto ring was powered with a peculiar thermoelectric metal junction producing both a carrier oscillation and a modulation, in a way that is not known in Physics textbooks. The figure of 30,000 Amperes given by Dotto, though a considerable high current, matches with his claim of producing a moderate intense magnetic field for the particular size of his ring (confirmed by the Author's own calculations). Also his independent emphasis for having his oscillations modulated or shaped with high energy excursions agree with the general trend in all relevant devices. This underlying coincidence of modulating an electromagnetic wave should be scientifically convincing that there is a substantial truth in the mysterious and allegedly miraculous Dotto ring. The effective mechanism and results of the Dotto ring probably should be theorized the same as that of Priore device.