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George Lakhovsky

George Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer, established himself in France, became a French citizen and was awarded the red ribbon of the Legion of Honor for his technical service during the First World War. He died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73. Lakhovsky was associated to Professor D'Arsonval who developed the first electrotherapeutic devices -see above the first electrotherapeutic devices. D'Arsonval one of the greatest scientists of our age presented communications of George Lakhovsky to the Paris Academie des Sciences and sponsored Lakhovsky's major work "The Secret of Life" published by Heinemann Medical Books Ltd in 1935. The George Lakhovsky device is a complex multi-wave Electrotherapeutic device with several DW oscillators on it. It is described in the Lakhovsky's USA Patent of 1941, 2,351,055: "This invention relates generally to electric devices excited with impulses and more particularly to multiple wave length conducting and/or producing means". Lakhovsky refers wrongly his device as a continues wave oscillator in his book "The Secret of Life" and should not be considered literally his devices so. Clearly, the Lakhovsky device described in his patents is a non continuous wave multiple radio frequency generator and particular a DW generator, having several resonant antennas attached to it, which are expected to tune in a DW mode after receiving an electric pulse or impulse. Apparently, Lakhovsky never adopted the new technology of Lee de Forest's radio tubes of his era as Rife did. Lakhovsky missed the comparison and inefficiency of CW with respect to DW. Unfortunately, for Lakhovsky the important difference and superiority of damped waves with respect to continuous waves remained unnoticed in all his otherwise correct and brilliant work, though in his applications he was using the right waves. One may expects merits for the Lakhovsky device, due to its pulsed character and DW oscillations, as in the old Electrotherapeutic devices. However, the expected power of the Lakhovsky devices should be expected technically weaker compared to Priore's and Dotto's devices. The device may be theorized to stimulate intercellular activity, to mildly increase Electroporosity of cells, enhancing somehow the in-and-out exchange materials of the cell and eventually to increase some metabolism. The inventor claimed treating and curing cancer and many other degenerative diseases.