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Antoine Priore graduated from a school of electricity in Trieste, Italy and became a radar operator in Italian Navy.

"During this period he observed what to him was an exciting anomaly: some oranges left in the room filled with electrical bric-a-brac had fallen into an assemblage where they seemed to have been preserved in the same fresh state they had enjoyed when bought off a fruit stand. Other oranges in the room, bought at the same time, were rotten and putrid. Stunned by his observation, Priore dreamed through out the war of one day working out an electrical means of conserving foods in their fresh state based on what was a new, and wholly unexplained, principle. Newton's apple had become Priore's orange".

We should note that a radar broadcast consists of a highly modulated microwave emission or as they are known the radar microwave pulses.

Though, most people know about the Newton's apples, no body knows about the Priore oranges, however, Foodco a subsidiary company of Maxwell Laboratories, (9244 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123, USA. Tel: 858.279.5100 FAX: 858.279.5100), a company engaged in food preserving seem to know much about oranges.

They are developing food preserving modality based on strong electrical pulses or electroporation.

The device Priore developed simulated powerful radar pulses modulated by three series of frequencies one subsonic 0.5 to 2 Hz, one audio 300 to 900 Hz and one High to VHF radio frequency 16 to 300 MHz.

The Priore device could be theorized to excite intercellular activity, to increase Electroporosity of cells enhancing the in-and-out exchange materials of the cell and eventually increase metabolism.

Probably, intense exposure may cause the more evident effects of Electroporation, i.e., create bigger pore on the cell membrane, even bursting weak cell membranes or weak organism's membranes, i.e., may necrotize cancer cells by bursting the weak cancer cell membrane, kill microorganism as it was reported in numerous papers to the French Academy of Science.

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In 1943 Prioré settled near Bordeaux, France, where he built the "machine" claimed to cure cancer.

The original Machine du Prioré is believed to be at the Welcome Foundation, London.

Other people known to be involved in developing similar "machines" are Abrams, Crane, Dotto, Lakhovsky, Rapsomanikis & Rife