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Evans Rapsomanikis

Evans Rapsomanikis was graduated from the Athens Technical University as an Electrical Engineer. He had been senior research scientists and director in numerous of top secret projects of Lockheed - such as Antisubmarine, Warfare, Guidance systems, and others for about 30 years. He developed the Satellite Guidance System L1011, now used with commercial jet airlines. He engaged himself to his Device and project after retiring from Lockheed. Rapsomanikis has not made public the details of his technology. However, it is the authors understanding based on descriptions of various patients treated with the Rapsomanikis devices that Evans was using contact electrodes on the skin as a TENS device and also had the genius idea to use a perpendicular magnetic field to guide deep enough the electrical pulses into the body. Remember, fast current pulses administer by contact to the skin will stay on the skin by the skin effect. Similarly, an electric pulse will not penetrate the skin, because, physics by the principle of Gauss, teaches inside a hollow or solid conductor - the skin - the electrical field is zero (in effect the skin is a Faraday cage). Rapsomanikis genius innovation is a magnetic field which he uses as a guider or carrier for his electrical pulses. The inventor claimed treating cancer, AIDS and degenerative diseases.