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Perisse, Eric. (1984)

Effets des Ondes Electromagnétiques et des Champs Magnétiques sur le Cancer et la Trypanosomiase Experimental. [Effects of electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields on cancer and experimental trypanosmiasis] Doctoral thesis, University of Bordeaux II, No. 83, Mar. 16, 1984. [In French] Presents the results of experimental work with the Prioré machine in curing cancer and other diseases such as trypanosomiasis. Comment: Although Prioré's own doctoral thesis had been rejected by the University of Bordeaux eleven years earlier in the harsh suppression of most of the Prioré work, under the auspices of Pautrizel another doctoral candidate, Eric Perisse, did have his doctoral thesis accepted by the University of Bordeaux and published. Perisse was also awarded his doctorate. Prioré himself was never awarded his earned doctorate, having already died before Perisse's thesis was accepted and published.