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Pautrizel, R., A. Prioré, A.N. Pautrizel, and P. Chateaureynaud-Duprat. (1978)

"Importance de l'âge de la souris sur l'efficacité de la stimulation de ses défenses par un rayonnement électromagnétique." [Importance of the age of the mouse on the efficacy of the stimulation of its defenses by electromagnetic radiation]. Compt. Rend. Acad. Sci. (Paris), Vol. 287, 1978, p. 575-578. The Prioré method does not kill the pathogens themselves, but reverses the damage in the cells, including the immune system. A fully restored mature immune system then makes short work of the pathogens. In these experiments the experimental team demonstrated that, for immature mice with still-immature immune systems, the parasites indeed remain and the restored immune system is incapable of destroying them, resulting in reinfestation and the subsequent death of the animal once the irradiation has been completed.