The world wide Suppression of these "Machines"

Cancer cures are big business.

Treatment of a single cancer patient in the USA costs on average over $300,000.
No price is too much to suppress this "Machine".


Prioré's own doctoral thesis summarizes the remarkable results of over a thousand experiments on various kinds of animals, with terminal tumors, trypanosomiasis, etc. Unfortunately the suppression of that project occurred, in such an intensely political environment that the University of Bordeaux felt compelled to reject the thesis. Prioré was never awarded his doctorate.

Perisse's doctoral thesis some 11 years later was accepted by the University of Bordeaux and Perisse was awarded his doctorate. The thesis again summarizes significant results of animal experiments with the Prioré machine. Prioré had died earlier, after a two-year lingering debilitation from a seizure or stroke.

While Prioré was still alive, for more than a year his team attempted to raise capital to redevelop the Prioré machine. They were ruthlessly suppressed, after negotiating successfully with the French Government. They had some 16 million dollars pledged by some very wealthy retired doctors, and the machines were to be rebuilt in Bordeaux directly under Prioré's auspices, tested and proven, then sold to large medical research companies for approved scientific research on otherwise hopeless terminal patients with their legal permission, as is legally permitted.

While drawing up the legal papers to finalize everything, mysterious parties unknown contacted all our backers and threatened to kill every living member of their family lines, including women and children, if they actually transferred the financial backing to the group. The head of the fundraisinfg team had all his companies ruthlessly wrenched from him, and he was forced to flee this country for his very life and hide. He is apparently still alive after all these years, even back somewhere in the USA, but living very, very quietly.

Suppression of the Rife "Machine" in the USA

Arthur Kendall, the Director of the Northwestern School of Medicine who worked with Rife on the cancer virus, accepted almost a quarter of a million dollars to suddenly 'retire' in Mexico.

Dr George Dock another prominent figure who collaborated with Rife, was 'silenced' with an enormous grant, along with the highest honors the American

Everyone except Dr. Couche and Dr. Milbank Johnson gave up Rife's work and went back to prescribing drugs.

Medical journals are supported almost entirely by drug company revenues and controlled by the American Medical Association AMA). The medical journals have refused to publish any papers by anyone on this therapy. An entire generation of medical students graduated into practice without ever hearing of the breakthroughs in medicine made by Abrams, Lakhovsky, Prioré or Rife.